So How About
Tim Smiley?
     I eventually became an educational soldier in the daily trenches of
middle class suburbia.  The pathway to that profession was initially
unclear, and then aided by many people both in the field and outside
of it.  It began with a recurring dream that told me to not accept a job
with an oil company in the early 1970's.  Employment had to be
re-examined totally.
The student teaching experience was eye-opening to say the least. I
was totally taken by the energy infusion style of the teachers at
Pomona H.S. in Arvada, Colorado.  I was really fortunate to get a job
at Columbine H.S.for the 75-76 school year and immediately fell in
love with the profession.  Strangely, a permanent opening appeared
back at Pomona, and the lure of the staff and kids was overpowering.
 I returned for the next 33 years.
    There is no way to encapsulate 33 years in one page of text.  I
was unbelievably blessed to have seen the stellar kids I did during
my career.  The book came about because I began to see a change
in society, and therefore the students of recent years.  They're still
great kids, but there seems to be some obstacles to accomplishing
the educational goals that I have been accustomed to.  In short, that
mission was to prepare our high school students for the "afterlife."  
What are they going to do, and more importantly, how are they going
to fend for themselves as they leave the "cocoon" that mom and/or
dad has provided for them?  Ultimately, they need to be ready to
challenge for the top of the food pyramid in life.
    If you have seen the "softening" that I describe in my book, plan to
join the battle to turn it around.  I know there is nothing more
important to parents than their own kids.  The only difference is that
I've been lucky enough to have over 4,000 kids to influence.