"Due to an accident I suffered in September of 2008, I had to have a leg
amputated, fight a long recovery from five emergency room surgeries, and
deal with the discovery of inoperable cancer around my liver and in my
abdomen.  Needless to say, the toughness I gained from my days competing
as an athlete and teaching and coaching on the collegiate level for over forty
years really helped me to persevere in the battle to come back from these
Your Kid's Too Soft can help you in developing the toughness necessary
for your child to overcome the obstacles in athletics and life that only serve to
make us stronger and better as people if we will only fight our hardest."
   "This is a great book by a great teacher and coach, that will lead to
greatness for those that use the principles of parenting inside these covers."

                                                                                   Don Meyer
                                  Men's college basketball all-time wins leader and the
                                             recipient of the Jimmy V. Perseverance Award
                                                                             at the 2009 ESPN ESPYS

                              2010 Inductee into the College Basketball Hall of Fame